Frequently asked questions

These courses have been exclusively designed to meet the needs of teachers in the British Council Partner Schools. These are British Council partner schools offering UK qualifications.

No. These individual training modules are absolutely free to take for teachers from schools in the British Council Partner Schools.

Your school will be issued with a unique code that will be valid for one month. Use this code within the month to register on the platform and access the training modules.

You can access our training modules and courses via computer or electronic device giving you the freedom to access the course whenever you choose.

Unless otherwise stated within the course information, Council of Europe Framework (CEF) level B1 and above is required for our courses.

More information about CEF can be found on

Each individual training module will give you access to a discussion forum where you will have the opportunity to reflect on your learning and share you own experiences with other teachers from the British Council Partner Schools.

Certificates for all individual modules are provided as PDFs. For participants who successfully complete all tasks in an individual training module, work more than 30 minutes on all the tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each unit to reflect your progress.

The British Council’s Online Support for Schools (OSS) platform enables you to track your completed courses or trainings and awards badges for different levels of achievement. Through the different activities that you take part in, you will be awarded badges. How many badges you collect is based on the number of modules and courses you successfully complete. There are three types of badges you can earn: starter badges, course badges and expert educator badges.

Starter Badges

These starter badges are granted for the first log in, first activity completion, completing Getting started and for taking Self-assessment tool

Course Badges

When you complete a British Council Partner Schools course or English for Teaching course you will be awarded a badge to recognise your success. The courses offered cover a broad range of themes. You can find the complete list of courses under the courses page on the OSS.

Expert Educator Badges

Expert educator badges recognize your long-term commitment to professional training. You earn them by collecting the required number of credits for each level. How can you collect credits? It’s easy. For every module you successfully complete either as part of a course or as a standalone module you will receive 3 credits. After you collect:

60 credits you will receive an expert educator bronze badge for the completion of 60 hours of training.

90 credits you will receive an expert educator silver badge for the completion of 90 hours of training.

120 credits you will receive an expert educator gold badge for the completion of 120 hours of training.

150 credits you will receive an expert educator platinum badge for the completion of 150 hours of training.

Yes! Many countries in the British Council Partner School offer face-to-face teacher training. Get in contact with the Exams team in your local British Council office to find out if face-to-face training is available in your country and if so what the training schedule is. If you have any further questions, please contact your local British Council Exams team.